Karl Ludwig Weise

Born in the 80's, 1985 to be exact. Studied photography from 2006 to 2011 at FH Bielefeld. Member of dieHO-Galerie in Magdeburg since 2006. Located in Hamburg since 2010.

Set out to be people and fashion photographer but objects industry conditions. Now focuses on own works. This site contains a collection of those. Prints are available for sale; contact me:

Grevenweg 80, 20537 Hamburg

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January 2017

Sediments turned the Waiho river gray. The river is rising from Franz-Josef Glaciers meltwater. It is only one of countless glaciers around the world, that continiously melt down. It is believed, that mankind created this climate change. And so the Waiho river flows towards the sea in just 18km length and up to a few hundred meters width.


January 2017

End of the World

October 2015

The Atlantic, how we Europeans knew it until the late dark age: The end of the world known to us. A gate to the treasures of Asia. Then again inviolable infinity.

Zürser Täli

April 2015

Snuggle up the Curbs

October 2014

Woods of Life

August 2014

The woods are full of life. Even if you don’t see the animals, you can see their tracks. They lead like little roads through the entire forest. You can see them best in grass areas.

The tracks on the pictures mostly come from fallow deer. They have a home range through wich they travel all day. The paths are the result of their habits and usual walk ways.

To check out animal paths you don’t need to got to this specific area. You can find them in pretty much every forest. If you’re lucky, you might even see animals. But be sure to not disturb or follow wild animals to their rest areas — you wouldn’t want strangers in your living room as well.

Homage ans Zuppeln

September 2013


November 2011

Welt vermessen

August 2011

Mädchen mit roter Kappe

September 2009